All sound is a form of touch….

Did you mean ‘rocket’?

Vertical City was excited to be featured in the New Works Calgary 2018-2019 season with its latest creation, Did you mean ‘rocket’? Taking as its point of departure the idea that all sound is a form of touch, we invited audiences into an immersive exploration of fully embodied listening. Consisting of a pair of interwoven duets, Did you mean rocket? brings together two 2 sonic composer/performers, a dancer and a performance artist in a shared space of interdisciplinary exchange and intimate reciprocity.

Did you mean ‘rocketwas presented by New Works Calgary and was the Featured Performance during SYMBIONT 2018.

Photos by Joni Miller © 2018.

November 2018
cSPACE Studio Theatre

Created by the Ensemble
Directed by Bruce Barton
Performed by Emily Promise Allison, Laurie Radford, Stephanie Tremblay, and Richard Windeyer
Dramaturgy by Pil Hansen
Lighting Design by Nicole Olson Grant-Suttie