“Nobody wants to be a zero. Everybody wants to be No. 1.” (Laurie Anderson, Mister Heartbreak)

A Collaboration with Sage Theatre and Emil Agopian Film

reset explores what it means to be artificial. Four figures awake in an isolated environment, with no knowledge beyond the fragments of a single experience. One each. A memory. Perhaps.
reset is a mystery. Four figures slowly realize they need to figure out which one of them is human. Being human could be a liability.
reset is an immersive puzzle, as each night the performers begin without knowing who will end up human in this iteration.

So, please, pay attention.

reset explores intimacy, perception, discrimination, the pull towards fear—and maybe, just maybe, a different response to difference.

A  draft of reset (with the working title aiam) was presented by Sage Theatre as a staged reading at the Pumphouse Theatre in October 2019. A full length version of reset was recorded in collaboration with the Calgary-based videographer Emil Agopian in July 2021, and will be released as a film later this year.

Written and Directed by Bruce Barton
Dramaturgy by Pil Hansen and Jason Mehmel
Created with and Performed by Braden Griffiths, Melanee Murray-Hunt, Jamie Konchak, and Julie Orton
Videography by Emil Agopian

Photos of Julie Orton, Jamie Konchak, Melanee Murray-Hunt, and Braden Griffiths by Bruce Barton © 2021.