“…profound modern interpretation accentuating and embodying personal childhood memories
performed by an enormously talented young cast of dancers.”
(Geoffrey Coulter, ‘Our Theatre Voice’.)

I am the Child of…

A Collaboration with Kaeja d’Dance

I am the Child of… is the fifth co-creation between Bruce and Allen Kaeja, co-Artistic Director of Toronto’s celebrated Kaeja d’Dance. Created over five years, it is also the most complete process of collaboration between the two artists. Incorporating ground-breaking Augmented Reality (AR), multiple live streams from the dancers’ perspectives within the performance, and a complex soundscape (by Edgardo Moreno) composed entirely of the dancers’ voices, I am the Child of… is very much a product of this moment, and very much an exploration of the most significant moments that have brought to this day. It is a celebration of the stories we tell to and about ourselves, and how those stories–and they ways they are received and perceived–shape and reshape us perpetually.

I am the Child of… is performed in a double-bill with Touch X, choreographed by Kaeja d’Dance co-Artistic Director Karen Kaeja with dramaturgy by Pil.

Photos by Kevin James © 2022

I am the Child of…

World Premiere
Presented by – Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, 11 – 13 November 2022
A co-creation by – Allen Kaeja and Bruce Barton
A collaboration between Kaeja d’Dance and Vertical City Performance
Concept, Choreographic Proposals and Co-Direction – Allen Kaeja
Dramaturgy, Textual Arrangement and Co-Direction – Bruce Barton
Created with and Performed by – Michael Caldwell, Rodney Diverlus, Aria Evans, Nickeshia Garrick, Karen Kaeja, Ethan Kim, Geanderson Mello, Mio Sakamoto
Augmented Reality and Digital Design – Allen Kaeja and Ian Garrett
Composer – Edgardo Moreno
Lighting Design – Simon Rossiter
Costume Design – Cara Johnson
Production Coordinator & Stage Management – Taylor Young
Augmented Reality and Digital Content – Toasterlab (Ian Garrett, Justine Garrett, Andrew Sempre, with support of Raechel Kula)
Assistant Lighting Designer – Theo Belc
Assistant Stage Manager – Hunter Kennedy-Rullo
Green Screen Videographer – Allen Kaeja
Video Trailer – Olya Glotka
Photography – Kevin Jones, Zhenya Cerneacov